Veemo SE Bosch Motor Vehicle Reservation

Base Model Starting At $8,495 USD*
(Subject To Change)
Current production forecasts is Fall 2023

The Veemo SE Consumer Edition, now powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, is a product born from years of Research & Development. Veemo is a revolutionary, semi-enclosed, pedal-electric vehicle unlike anything on the market.  This smooth, dynamic, elegant velomobile is the world's most practical utilitarian vehicle to get you from A to B on-time, every time. More importantly, it does so with zero-emissions for pennies on the dollar compared to driving a car.  Our full-power ride mode delivers a great experience, whether you are headed up the road for groceries or using Veemo as your daily commuter. 

This comfortable ride, available in 3 stunning colours offers 60 Litres of onboard cargo storage and good battery range without breaking the Bank. Commuters can arrive fresh and sweat-free at the start of their day yet still get some exercise on the way home.

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