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Rightsizing Mobility for a Sustainable Future
Veemo has been acquired by Envo Drive Systems Inc. in July 2023.

Envo is a growing company with a vision to re-imagine and transform urban mobility forever. Our mission is to help preserve our planet by offering sustainable, zero-emission transportation choices that get people out of their cars.

After some 7 years of exhaustive R&D we have developed the world's first semi enclosed vehicle with added comforts and safety beyond the traditional two-wheel eBike.

We hope, the more people that “crossover” to Veemo, the more reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions can be met. Additionally, traffic congestion, healthier happy people and less cars on the roads in the years ahead.

At Envo, we build revolutionary three-wheeled, semi-enclosed pedal-electric vehicles that urban transportation enthusiasts will love around the world, rain or shine.