The World's Most Practical Velomobile

Leading the Way: Engineered for adaptability in outdoor & indoor applications for consumer & commercial users.

Built in consideration of the real world.

Max Speed
Max Speed

32 KM/H


30 - 100 KM

Payload Capacity
Payload Capacity

159 KG


61 KG

Max Power
Max Power

750W / 500W / 250W

Why People Choose VEEMO

What makes it unique?

All-Weather Resilience

Unlike many other e-trikes, Veemo's design is optimized for all weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability year-round.

User-Centric Design and Comfort

Veemo's user centric design focuses on user comfort with ample cargo space and ergonomic seating, ensuring a smoother ride and enhanced quality.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Features like Street Legal Power Boost, UL certified batteries, side mirrors, and headlights are meticulously designed to exceed safety standards.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Veemo's efficient electric powertrain and sustainable design choices highlight ENVO's dedication to environmental stewardship, setting it apart from less environmentally focused competitors.

Cutting-Edge R&D and Innovation

Backed by ENVO's advanced research and development, Veemo integrates the latest in electric mobility technology, ensuring superior performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Veemo SE & Veemo LT: Versatile, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Velomobiles

Discover the Future of Urban Mobility with Veemo Models
| LT

Veemo LT

The Veemo LT, now powered by the ENVO powertrain, is a product born from years of Research & Development. This version of the Veemo replaces the semi-enclosed body with a front bumper and rear passenger seat and foot rests.

| SE

Veemo SE

The Veemo SE Consumer Edition, now powered by ENVO powertrain system motor, is a product born from years of Research & Development. Veemo is a revolutionary, semi-enclosed, pedal-electric vehicle unlike anything on the market.


It’s a new era

After 8 years in development, Veemo has been revamped by the ENVO Engineering Team.

Navigate Traffic Effortlessly

Beat the congestion with ENVO VEEMO’s innovative design, perfect for navigating through crowded city streets. Its compact and agile build allows you to effortlessly maneuver and skip traffic, ensuring a faster, smoother commute. Whether for personal use or business needs, VEEMO provides an efficient and eco-friendly solution to urban transportation, helping you save time and avoid the hassle of traffic jams.

Power Up with Long-Lasting Battery Life

Experience the freedom of extended travel with ENVO VEEMO’s long-range battery. Designed for efficiency and endurance, this advanced battery technology allows you to cover greater distances on a single charge, making it ideal for urban commuting, business deliveries, and leisurely rides. Enjoy the convenience of fewer recharges and the confidence of reliable, eco-friendly transportation with VEEMO’s impressive battery performance.

Reduce CO₂ & Park with Ease

Make a positive impact on the environment with ENVO VEEMO, designed to reduce CO2 emissions through its clean, electric power. This eco-friendly vehicle not only helps you contribute to a greener planet but also offers the convenience of easy parking on crowded city streets. VEEMO’s compact design allows you to effortlessly find parking spots, making urban commuting simpler and more sustainable.

Seamless Bike Lane Navigation

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using bike lanes with ENVO VEEMO. Its innovative design allows you to effortlessly navigate through bike lanes, bypassing heavy traffic and reaching your destination faster. VEEMO’s compact size and agility make it perfect for urban environments, providing a smooth, eco-friendly ride that integrates seamlessly with existing bike infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more efficient commute.

Why Choose VEEMO

Experience unbeatable savings with low maintenance costs, versatile functionality for both personal commutes and business needs, and customizable options tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Customizable Options
  • Compact Design
  • Comfort Ride
A modern transporter integrated into the bike infrastructure.

Veemo Is Bike Lane Ready

Veemo takes you out of the rat race and places you in the bike lanes, where agility and efficiency are celebrated. The Veemo SE is not much larger than a mountain bike at 200 Centimetres (CM) long, 89 CM wide and 150 CM high (79 x 35 x 59 inches) and is approved for travel within bike lanes in most jurisdictions (always check your local regulations). Get out of vehicle traffic and into the bike lane where life is faster, more enjoyable and on-time!

Safety First

Veemo offers an entire suite of safety features more commonly seen on cars including dual front LED headlights, a roll bar, dual front wheels (to avoid slippage on variable road surfaces), side rear-view mirrors, always-on rear LED tail lights (so they see you leaving them in the dust), a power windshield wiper and full hydraulic disc brakes for unprecedented stopping power. Veemo is also unique, eye-catching and highly visual which helps vehicle drivers see and notice you more than bicycle riders or pedestrians.

Rain & Snow Protection

Veemo was designed and tested in the beautifully-soggy Pacific Northwest; famous for its abundance of rain. Bad weather doesn’t keep active people inside and smart transportation choices need to account for all types of weather by protecting the driver and cargo from the elements. With rain, sun and a wind-shielding enclosure, riders stay dry, comfortable and happy, as does their clothing.

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Vehicle Specifications

200 cm long x 89 cm wide x 150 cm high
(79 in x 35 in x 59 in)
48V/15AH 21700 LG/Panasonic Lithium battery
Brushless 48V/750W max/ Geared rear hubmotor
Front Suspension
75mm travel Struts
Rear Suspension
Coil Spring Rear Shock - Eye to Eye x Travel (165mmx35mm)
Brake Set
Dyisland Hydraulic Brakes (front 203mm OD, rear 180mm OD)
Crank Set
BB Sets
Sealed 68mm B.B
Alloy, 9/16″
Gear Set
20″x13Gx36H,alloy double wall, black
Stainless steel black 13G spokes
Vinyl top cover, padded with PU, with black ABS ,VELO
Feature description
BLDC Sine-wave controller 25A waterproof connectors
PAS/thumb throttle, speed sensor
54V 2A CC-CV 240/120V ULc
20in x 1.75 Tire, black, with AV butyle tube
Color Display with Bluetooth App connectivity
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