Veemo SE

Key Features

Familiar Interface

Veemo's cockpit is agile and nimble with the familiar, airy & intuitive feel of a bicycle yet the stability of three wheels.

Electric Drive

Envo's electric drive is the benchmark among drive units. It is compact, lightweight and extremely powerful, it combines high-quality materials with high-end sensors.

Bike Lane Compatible

Veemo SE is sized similar to a mountain bike & qualifies for bike lane use in most jurisdictions.

ePod Enclosure

Veemo's ePod enclosure protects riders from sun, wind and rain, ensuring riders stay dry, comfortable & happy.

Top Speed

Top assisted speed of 32 kph (20 mph) in the USA & Canada and 25 kph (16 mph) for EU & UK models, Veemo SE meets regulatory requirements.

Battery Range

Veemo provides a range of up to 70km/43 miles per charge. The rechargeable using a standard electrical wall outlet & fully charges in 5 hours.

Onboard Safety Equipment

Veemo has dual LED headlights, turn signals, roll bar, side mirrors, LED tail lights, windshield wiper & hydraulic disc brakes.


A More Inspiring Way to Commute

Veemo allows you to lower your CO2 footprint while getting you there faster. Easily commute to work and back without the typical worries of weather and the need for a shower. Veemo’s electric motor assist and the constantly variable rear hub automatically changes gears for you based on the challenges of the road and your riding style. This allows Veemo to carry additional cargo payloads and still fly up steep hills while optimizing battery range.

Take the Bike Path Less Traveled

Veemo’s electric power assist ENVO powertrain drive unit provides the rider with the energy to travel further and faster than non power-assisted velomobiles. The pedal assisting power is paired with a shifting rear hub that provides smooth and stress-free riding when coupled with the ENVO drive unit for an experience that makes riding easy for everyone.

Urban Transportation that is good for the earth

Using a zero-emission vehicle like Veemo is one of the single most impactful actions any person can do to lower their greenhouse gas footprint & combat climate change. This is all done while offering a top speed of 20 MPH (32 KPH) in USA & Canada and 25 KMH (16 MPH) in the EU. While this does not sound fast to some, keep in mind that the average speed of most commutes in North American is historically around 26.5 Miles Per Hour and has been falling every single year since 2001 *. Average commute speeds in the EU are even slower.


Use the power from your standard wall socket for an all-day commute

Veemo’s battery is rechargeable using any electrical plug-in connection and provides a range of travel of up to 70km/43 miles per charge. Chargers are optimized and compatible for many different electrical systems based on country. This means you can commute up to 43 miles (+70 Kms) to work, plug in your battery to recharge and ride the same distance on the way home.

Veemo is Bike lane ready

Veemo takes you out of the rat race and places you in the bike lanes, where agility and efficiency are celebrated. The Veemo SE is not much larger than a mountain bike at 200 Centimetres (CM) long, 89 CM wide and 150 CM high (79 x 35 x 59 inches) and is approved for travel within bike lanes in most jurisdictions (always check your local regulations). Get out of vehicle traffic and into the bike lane where life is faster, more enjoyable and on-time!

Safety First

Veemo offers an entire suite of safety features more commonly seen on cars including dual front LED headlights, turn signals, a roll bar, dual front wheels (to avoid slippage on variable road surfaces), side rear-view mirrors, always-on rear LED tail lights (so they see you leaving them in the dust), a power windshield wiper and full hydraulic disc brakes for unprecedented stopping power. Veemo is also unique, eye-catching and highly visual which helps vehicle drivers see and notice you more than bicycle riders or pedestrians.

Protection From the Elements

Veemo was designed and tested in the beautifully-soggy Pacific Northwest; famous for its abundance of rain. Bad weather doesn’t keep active people inside and smart transportation choices need to account for all types of weather by protecting the driver and cargo from the elements. With rain, sun and a wind-shielding enclosure, riders stay dry, comfortable and happy, as does their clothing.

Introducing Veemo By Envo

Vehicle Specifications

Veemo SE

200 cm long x 89 cm wide x 150 cm high
(79 in x 35 in x 59 in)
STARTING AT $7,999 CAD / $6,199 USD
Battery Range
+/- 73 km / 43 miles (pending grade & pedal assist)
ENVO Powertrain drive
Top Motor-Assisted Speed
32 km/h / 20 mph (Canada & USA)
25 km/h / 16 mph (E.U.)
Standard Safety Features
Dual white LED headlights
Dual red LED rear lights
Side mirrors
Windshield wiper
Hydraulic brakes on all three wheels

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