Veemo Innovation | Approach to Business.

Veemo is more than just transportation; it is a dream of a future where people transport themselves with minimal environmental impact. It is a vision of the world where lightweight and elegantly designed electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of our mobility. Elegant and technically sound micro-mobility solutions like Veemo help people stay focused on the things that matter most in their daily lives without concerns over parking meters, polluting, CO2 emissions, rain and exorbitant maintenance costs. Getting around in Veemo can be carefree, thrilling, efficient (faster) and economical to help one enjoy the ride as much as the destination.At Veemo, our relentless pursuit of this vision and our innovation allows us to produce semi-enclosed, zero-emission vehicles that do not break the bank.

Our approach allows anyone to make substantial contributions towards a sustainable planet and where these personal choices bend the C02 curve. We facilitate all of this wrapped in a healthy lifestyle. Help us pursue these goals and instill micro-mobility as a core part of our movement. Veemo is here to listen and act.


Our approach has been to use as many reliable and proven components with the ability to be serviced globally. We use top rated eBike motors, braking systems, tires and other components to ensure owners have the greatest access to parts and service.

Veemo’s ePod | Designed for utilitarian joy.

The unique form factor of Veemo's cockpit plays a crucial role in overall user experience. Using thermo molded fascia, roof and enclosures, we create an ePod enabling anyone to cruise around town while keeping themselves and cargo protected from the elements. The French call this Joie de vivre (“joy of life”)!

Comfort and Protection.

When riding a Veemo you stay protected from the elements while enjoying the modern ergonomics of semi-recumbent riding position. Traditional bikes utilize small saddles, where Veemo has engineered a custom seat with suspended backrest to keep you comfortably positioned through all your commuting endeavours. Our approach ensures you arrive on time without sweating from a workout, unless you want to. Unlike congested roadways that are difficult to predict arrival times, a Veemo offers a consistent travel time by using less crowded bike lanes. No shower at work? No problem! Just coast to work using the on-the-fly handlebar thumb throttle with no pedalling and get an optional workout on the way home.

A safe & quiet drive system.

Veemo comes equipped with a secure UL certified 720Wh battery pack and an ENVO power train, ensuring top-notch performance. Its maintenance-free geared hub motor offers both high torque and exceptional efficiency. Besides being silent, the hub motor requires minimal upkeep.

By directly transferring power to the wheel without involving chains or bike transmission, the system maximizes the overall lifespan and maintenance intervals. The Veemo system also boasts a throttle option and a pedal-assist sensor, available in five levels of assistance, complemented by a brake safety cut-off for added security.

The e-assist system is thoughtfully designed to deliver the utmost power, speed, torque, and comfort while adhering to local regulations.

Veemo is nimble, agile & surprisingly easy to move around. At a low weight of just over 69 Kilograms, a single person can move it easily. Our frame is made of welded aluminum which has been specifically designed to withstand the unique loads of our tadpole (wide front, narrow rear) footprint.

Standard User Controls.

Veemo is also outfitted with standard bicycle handlebars, pedals and hydraulic disc brakes cyclists are familiar with. Veemo has an intuitive cockpit and easy to use console with next to no learning curve, even for newbies! All key information is available on our full colour display.

Comfortable Full Suspension Ride.

Enjoy the modern comforts and technical innovations of a full suspension ride. This means, just like a car, Veemo has front and rear suspension to help keep the ride smooth and more comfortable even in variable road terrain. Veemo utilizes dual coil spring suspension design up front (much like a scooter) and a single hydraulically valved, coil-over shock absorber in the rear that can be fine-tuned for even higher performance to the rider weight. Full suspension equates to more comfortable and longer rides versus bikes with no or limited suspension and riding in a semi-upright position, you won't experience the lower back pain some riders equate with traditional bikes.

Veemo utilizes a cargo group set, perfectly developed to manage higher loads - to elevate your riding experience making it simpler, more fun, safer, and well … cleaner, with no grease, grungy chains, or derailleurs to fuss with. Enjoy one of the most uncomplicated eBike drive train handling systems on the market!

Charge With Ease.

Your Veemo can be charged with ease anywhere. Unlike electric vehicle charging that is only compatible with specific types of outlets, Veemo’s Battery Charging unit is specifically designed for standard wall outlets in any Country or with just an adapter. Charging a Veemo battery is as easy as charging your mobile device. Charge at home, overnight, municipal charging stations or anywhere throughout the day.

Many cities have implemented free eBike charging locations. Finding the nearest is easy with applications such as or More charging stations are arriving every day.

Great Range per Charge.

The maximum energy content of our batteries is 250 to 750 watts peak power depending on your ride selection. So, you’ll have plenty of power, even if you want to commute further than just work, with nearly 73 Km projected range per charge. Batteries are also user swappable, allowing users to increase their range by ordering a second battery.

Wearing a dress, a suit, or a kilt?

Veemo gets you there with added comforts of car-like seating, and ample interior cargo space for a large rucksack and several grocery bags combined with a full suspension chassis to soften the bumps and inspire even longer rides.

Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams.

Veemo vehicles are only 0.89 meters wide and designed to fit Class 1, 2, and 3  electric bicycle regulations, making it legal to ride in most bike lanes in line with other cyclists or along a road shoulder.(1) To pedal or not to pedal. Electric-assist provides variable assist pedaling depending on the boost level you select from a selector switch on the handlebar controller, making it a breeze going up hills. The choice is yours, and unique to each rider's selection at one’s fingertips to pedal, or not to pedal and just keep one’s feet stationary as sitting in a car, and simply utilize the thumb throttle for electric assist power delivery.

Be Seen at every turn.
Be Seen at every turn.

Our Approach is to intentionally design with safety in mind. Veemo rides higher than traditional recumbent cycles (better visibility), in line with traditional bike heights. Veemo users ride safely benefiting improved visibility for themselves and other vehicles that share some of our unprotected roadways.

Night Vision.
Night Vision.

Part of purposeful design includes enhanced visibility in the dark. Night riding no longer needs to be a nerve-racking experience, with dual LED headlights, tail running lights, and other high visibility navigation markings on wheels and quarter panels to alert other cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles that you are approaching to keep you visible and safe on the roads.

Accessible to all and no driver’s license required
Accessible to all and no driver’s license required

Even if it has been a long time since you were last on a bike, or you found bikes hard to ride in general - Veemo SE’s three-wheel vehicle architecture doesn’t require balance to stay upright, just basic rider control that is quickly learned - not to mention it’s 250, 500, and 750 watt classification does not require a driver’s license but that riders comply with cycling law.

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