Effortless Fleet Management at Your Fingertips

ENVO Veemo Rider App

Tap to Ride: Our branded Rider App allows users to rent vehicles in seconds with both time-based and block-priced options.

Safety First: We prioritize rider safety with features like reaction time tests, interactive tutorials, and designated parking zones.

Flexible Payments: Riders can choose their preferred payment method, including popular options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Stay Engaged: Keep riders coming back with in-app promotions, special offers, and informative notifications.

Powerful Backend Management System

Unified Control Center: Manage all your vehicles, riders, and payments from a single, user-friendly platform.

Multi-Fleet, Multi-Location Support: Oversee multiple Veemo fleets across various locations with ease.

Real-Time Insights: Gain valuable data on vehicle location, maintenance needs, and live location tracking through interactive maps.

Seamless Integration: Integrate the ENVO Veemo system with your existing software and third-party tools via open API access.

Streamlined Field Operations App

Precision Tracking: Locate your vehicles with pinpoint accuracy using the branded in-field app. Real-time telematics solutions empower efficient maintenance practices.

Fleet Health Assessment: Get automated insights into fleet health and vehicle utilization.

Detailed Maintenance Logs: Log vehicle issues and maintenance actions for clear record keeping.

Smart Notifications: Set triggers to receive alerts about specific vehicle events or actions. Dedicated Communication Channels: Communicate directly with ENVO mechanics and fleet managers within the streamlined app.

24/7 Support: Access comprehensive customer support featuring automated tools, all readily available within the app platform.