Veemo Stands With The People Of Ukraine

Veemo stands with the people of Ukraine, who have been subjected to the unnecessary suffering due to the Russian government’s brutal and senseless invasion of a sovereign nation, in a way not seen in Europe in decades. We hope that this invasion will end quickly with full respect for democracy, the rule of law and for human rights. This conflict is a reminder that millions of people globally continue to live under oppression and political violence.

As of March 8, 2022, Veemo is taking the following actions in response to the invasion.

  1. We are no longer offering sales of Veemo products to ship to Russia or Belarus.
  2. We are evaluating our suppliers and have stopped procurement of goods from Russia.
  3. We are evaluating the sources of any raw materials used to build Veemo and/or it's components to ensure these do not originate from Russia or Belarus.
  4. Many of our employees are donating to help Ukrainians.

We are also dedicated to our broader business model of contributing to the global transition to a low carbon economy and to net zero emissions through our sustainability commitments and roadmap. The world is greatly dependent on Russian oil and gas to power its economy. You cannot fight Russia if it powers your economy. The country is on shaky economic footing and depends almost entirely on oil and gas to support itself. Dismantling its power requires us to not be a customer. This means transitioning off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible, switching to the production of renewable energy and to building alternative transportation systems.