Veemo Takes Innovation to China: Design Patent Filed and Pending

We are thrilled to announce that Veemo's unique design is now patent pending in China! This exciting development signifies our commitment to protecting our intellectual property and bringing the future of urban mobility to a global audience.

Why China?

China is a rapidly growing market for electric vehicles, with a strong focus on sustainable transportation solutions. Veemo's compact, efficient design is ideally suited for navigating busy Chinese cities and reducing reliance on cars. With its patent pending status, Veemo is positioned to become a leader in the Chinese electric vehicle market.

Veemo's Design Advantage

The Veemo SE boasts a sleek and functional design that prioritizes both safety and comfort. Here's a quick rundown of the features that make Veemo stand out:

  • Three-wheeled stability: Veemo's three-wheeled design offers superior stability compared to traditional two-wheeled electric bikes, making it ideal for riders of all experience levels.
  • Compact size: Similar in size to a mountain bike, Veemo can navigate bike lanes and crowded streets with ease.
  • Safety features: Equipped with dual LED headlights, turn signals, a roll bar, side mirrors, and hydraulic disc brakes, Veemo prioritizes rider safety in every journey.
  • Long-range battery: With a range of up to 70km/43 miles per charge, Veemo is perfect for commuting and exploring your city.
  • Street legal: In most jurisdictions, Veemo is classified as a street-legal electric bike.

Design Patent Pending

Veemo's design patent pending status in China safeguards our unique design and intellectual property. This ensures that Veemo remains at the forefront of electric vehicle design and innovation.